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[7.72] Oldschoolots [Real Map] Empty [7.72] Oldschoolots [Real Map]

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Aberto a penas 1 semana!


Informations about the servers

1 to 110 = 3x
110 to 150 = 2x
150 to 200 = 1.5x
200+ = 1x

Skills: 2x
Magic Level: 2x
Loot: 2x


White Skull = 10 minutes
Kills to Red Skull = 3
Kills to Ban = 7
Frag Time = 8 Hours
Banishment = 3 days


About Map:
The Real CipSoft Map!
All the 337 NPCs!
Real Spawns!
All Houses (rent weekly)!
All keys 100%!
Very accurated signs, books and blackboards!
Excellent NPC System!
Balanced Vocations!


The Pits of Inferno Quest
The Queen of the Banshees Quest
The Postman Missions Quest
The Ancient Tombs Quest
The Paradox Tower Quest
The Annihilator Quest
The Demon Helmet Quest
The Fire Axe Quest
The Parchment Quest
The Behemoth Quest
The Black Knight Quest
The Mad Mage Room Quest
The Outlaw Camp Quest (Bright Sword)
Sword of Fury Quest (Rookgaard) And alot more!


.:: Features ::.

* Great RPG Feeling.
* Real CipSoft Save and Clean System.
* Automatic Database Backup at Global Save.
* Bless System.
* The Pits of Inferno Quest 100% converted to 7.6-7.7.
* Kharos Island (Ferumbras Tower) 100% converted to 7.6-7.7.
* Bank System (Deposite, Withdraw, Transfer and Balance).
* Rookgaard System
* Parcel System.
* Letter System (with last writter).
* Skulls System.
* Party System.
* Beds System (Your life and mana are regenerated when you sleep).
* Mute System.
* All Channels working (Help Channel, Private Channel, and others)!
* Rule Violations Report System [CTRL + R].
* Lighting System (Day and Night).
* All Amulets and Rings working!
* All Spells and Monsters (based on CipSoft files)!
* All Runes and Vials (based on CipSoft files)!
* Weapons break furnitures!
* Machete break bamboo walls.
* Music on instrumental items.
* House doors show price!
* Detailed monsters with same loot of Tibia Global. (based on CipSoft files).
* Trial Premium of 10 days when you reach level 2.

What you waiting for?
We are waiting for you!


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